NutroGusto Natural Almond Butter 283g
January 27, 2018
NutroGusto Pure Natural Honey 1KG
January 27, 2018

NutroGusto Pure Natural Honey 500g

$6.25 Including GST/HST


Why Canadian Honey?

Canada, being the 6th largest producer of Honey in the world ensures that safety and quality of Canadian honey is second to none. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, through the Honey Regulations of the Canada Agricultural Products Act, ensures that Canadian honey producers meet some of the strictest federal standards.

The beautiful, rich, golden NutroGusto Pure Natural honey you see is a blend of Canadian prairie sources; classed as Canada No. 1 White Honey, it’s the finest honey grade available, and in demand all over the world. Since all of our honey is locally produced and pure Canadian, you will only find local floral sources in it.


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